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Mold inspections and testing are an important part of preventative maintenance for any home or business. In New Orleans, the humid climate can make mold growth a real issue. Quality mold testing and mold inspections can help protect your home and belongings from damaging mold growth.

Mold Inspectors of the Big Easy connects you with qualified mold inspectors who keep New Orleans homes and businesses mold-free. Our network is composed of highly trained professionals who specialize in identifying potential problem areas before they become a major problem. They use advanced technology to detect even small traces of hidden moisture that can lead to dangerous levels of mold growth. This helps ensure that all potential areas are thoroughly inspected, and all necessary steps taken to prevent future issues.

For those living in or near New Orleans, Mold inspectors of the Big Easy offer peace of mind when it comes to protecting your property from harmful mold growth.

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Our Mold Services

Mold Testing

Are you a homeowner in New Orleans looking for mold testing services? We have helped many local homeowners get in touch with credible mold testing companies in the New Orleans area.

Testing for mold is a way to identify the type and quantity of mold in areas of the home that may be wet or have the potential to become moldy. Samples can be taken from the surfaces or air and sent to a certified laboratory or local health department for testing.

If you have any questions about mold testing, don’t hesitate to call us or complete our contact form. We’ll be happy to answer any of your queries.

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Mold Testing

Mold Inspections

If you live in New Orleans, it’s important to have a professional mold inspection. With its humid climate and high humidity, mold growth is particularly rampant. Mold is capable of spreading quickly and can be difficult to detect and remove.

Mold inspection is a process for finding and analyzing molds in a building or area, and then getting rid of them.

Mold can grow in any part of your house, even hidden in ducts or cracks between walls. Fortunately, our mold inspectors use high-quality equipment and sensing tools that allow them to detect even hidden mold.

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Mold Inspections

Common Signs of Mold

If you can, try to catch mold problems right away by keeping an eye out for the following signs:

  • Black spots on walls
  • Discoloration of walls, floors or ceilings
  • Musty odors
  • Water stains
  • Cracking or peeling of paint or wallpaper
  • Condensation on windows, walls or pipes

Mold Prevention Tips

It is important to prevent mold indoors. Toxic mold can damage a home’s structure and harm the people living in it. So, how do you stop mold from growing? Homeowners, landlords, and tenants all want to know the answer.

Mold prevention is the key! Taking the necessary steps to prevent mold growth is essential for a safe and healthy home.

Here are some common ways to prevent mold in your home:

  • Inspect and insulate pipes: To prevent mold growth, check all pipes for leaks and insulate them to reduce condensation caused by the difference of air and pipe temperature. If you notice water droplets on the pipes, immediately replace and seal them.
  • Keep your basement dry: Do not let water collect near the basement. Make sure that the ground around your house slopes down.
  • Ensure proper ventilation: Make sure that proper ventilation is installed in key rooms such as bathroom, laundry room and kitchen.
  • Control humidity: The ideal humidity level in the house should be between 30% and 50%. A high level of humidity leads to excess moisture, which creates the perfect conditions for mold to develop.
  • Keep your vents clean: Keeping the air inside your home clean is important. To do this, you should regularly vacuum your vents with a strong vacuum cleaner.
  • Replace shower grout often: It’s important to replace your shower grout often to keep mold out of your bathroom.